Quality of Life is good for Business

Does your brand or organization enjoy and cherish the scenic vistas, local food, winding trails, and natural playgrounds of Placer County?

Do you support adventure, connection and community?

There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to quality of life in Placer County than by partnering with Placer Land Trust. Together we can protect and enjoy our natural wonders, and make them part of our stories. As a Placer Partner, we can ensure your commitment is felt, seen and heard.

As a Placer Partner your organization may enjoy several benefits including:

Extended reach and visibility of your contributions and efforts to add to quality of life in Placer County.

Opportunities to connect directly with our members who share your values. Our members cultivate our culture of authenticity and you can too.

Recognition across the community as a supporter of growth, integrity and connection with the people and region.

Be Recognized

We recognize Placer Partners by giving you exposure to people who share your values. Meet our members in the places where they are ready to connect.

  • at our events – share a meal, a glass of wine and a conversation
  • on our website – your logo will look great on our partners page
  • in our print and e-news – our readership is engaged and supports local business
  • through social media – our friends and followers who like and share our efforts will like you too
  • on our partners map – locate yourself on our community map

We will share your story

  • you provide a testimonial – share your story and why your business contributes to Placer County’s quality of life
  • we will feature your business’ commitment to Placer County’s natural wonders on our website

Quality of life, trails, open space, local food, connections, stories and the Placer community are what we’re all about. If this is what you stand for and support, partner with us and we’ll make sure you are seen and heard doing it!

Placer Partners make annual donations of $500 or more annually to Placer Land Trust.

Join these businesses and Become a Placer Partner now!

Andregg Geomatics

APi White VertAPinc

aronowitz skidmore logo

State Parks logo


Catta Verdera

churchwell white logo



Fechter & Co

gibson & gibson


houston magnani

Lincoln law school logo

Miller honey farm logo



Placer County Vintners

Placer Title

Placer Vineyards Development Group

rei logo


Sheridan Investors

Side Hill Citrus

trailscape-logo [Converted]


Tributary Whitewater Tours with name





Westpark logo

Whole Foods logo

wildlands inc

To learn more about Placer Land Trust, becoming a Placer Partner or to share your story contact Jeff Darlington at 530-887-9222 or jeffd@placerlandtrust.org.


“Placer Land Trust provides a valuable service to our clients. Over the past 67 years Andregg has worked with hundreds of Placer County ranchers, farmers and large landowners. Historically, when a client wished to protect all or a portion of their property they had limited options. With Placer Land Trust, landowners have an organization that specializes in protecting land in Placer County. In addition to Placer Land Trust’s services to our clients, we are locally owned and managed, and our staff values open space. Supporting Placer Land Trust is a sound investment in our community.”
Dennis Meyer, Andregg Geomatics

“We support Placer Land Trust because it’s the right thing to do for the community. It might seem like a contradiction for a developer to support a land trust, but at the end of the day, we do our best to create projects that make a positive contribution. From the 30 thousand foot view, you don’t sell a house until you first sell a community. “

Dave Cook, RCH Group