Always Working

Placer Land Trust has protected nearly 9,500 acres including: natural areas, wildlife habitat, family farms, working ranches, river and canyon lands, public parks, trails and trailheads. This land and all that makes it important to our quality of life are protected in perpetuity. Check out our portfolio of protected properties.

Our team works diligently to protect these properties, but once we have taken responsibility for a piece of land, the work has only just begun! The stewardship staff along with countless volunteers takes the idea of perpetuity very seriously.


Placer Land Trust monitors agricultural and conservation easements to ensure that the land and its conservation values are protected in perpetuity.

Restoration & Enhancement

Placer Land Trust actively manages properties it owns to ensure public benefit is protected for now and forever. Where and when conditions and funding allow, we work to enhance the public value of our properties by restoring wildlife habitat, controlling non-native invasive weeds, reducing fuel loads, improving public access, etc.

Fiscal Responsibility

When we protect a property we take on an endless commitment to its care and protection. Through careful financial planning and management, we maintain sufficient funds and endowments to ensure that these lands will indeed be forever stewarded! See our Annual Community Report for more information on our financial position.

We are always working on new land projects that will help protect Placer County’s unique landscape; for more details see our strategic conservation plan.

Property map

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Property Map