“There is an incredibly rich diversity in both the landscapes and the families of Placer County, and the best part of my job is working directly with landowners to secure the legacy of their land and their family.”

-Jeff Darlington, Executive Director

Placer Land Trust is the only local organization operating within the private market system to protect open space in Placer County by working with willing sellers and donors.

We protect lands in one of two ways:

  1. fee title acquisition (we buy it) or
  2. conservation or agricultural easements (we limit the ability to develop the land).

Placer Land Trust can purchase a conservation easement, buy land in fee-title at fair market prices, or receive either an easement or a property as a donation from the landowner.

Placer Land Trust works with landowners, public agencies, private organizations, and local communities to protect land. We can offer assistance in the form of fundraising and expertise regarding land conservation options, outreach, and program development.

Placer Land Trust offers technical assistance and land conservation expertise to landowners who wish to

  1. protect their land for future generations,
  2. realize the tax benefits available to those who donate to a nonprofit,
  3. generate cash by the sale of their land or an easement over their land, and/or
  4. protect their land through estate planning and
  5. protect a special, threatened open space in their neighborhood.

Learn more about how you can protect your land. Contact Jeff Darlington at 530-887-9222 or jeffd@placerlandtrust.org

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